Trend Alert: Color Correcting Primer

I’ve had this post planned for weeks and I’m finally getting around to it.  I want to make sure I’m keeping you guys abreast of what is going on in the industry so when it’s time for you to grow your brand you’ll know which way to go.  I won’t post about every trend in the industry, just the ones that I believe are worth buying into.  Some trends are here to stay.  You can quote me on that.

Color Correcting Primers are popping up everywhere just like alphabet creams did a year or so ago.  And just like alphabet creams, these primers will become a staple.

What it is

These are basically undertones in a tube.  For many women it is difficult to find the perfect foundation match.  This is especially an issue for women of color.  There are just so many different variations of skin color that it’s impossible for any one brand to keep up… unless they also have a line of color correcting primers.

Who should get into this business

Start up makeup brands are the perfect candidates for this product.  It’s much easier to get a customer to buy a product that will help their favorite products work better than it is to get them to convert to your brand altogether.  Color correcting primers are what I would classify as an accessory cosmetic.  They are used to boost the performance of your staple foundation.  Show your target market that you can nail a product like this and they’ll be more inclined to try the rest of the products you have to offer or will have to offer in the future.

How to stand out

The key to breakout success in this market will be to focus on the least catered to skin tones.  Ethnic colors are always problematic.  Your line of color correcting primers needs to account for all the varied undertones of ethnic skin.  Most brands that I’ve seen with these kinds of primers only offer four or five colors.  There is room for more.

Skin care is increasingly important to consumers and they are more compelled to buy multifunctional products.  Your product will need to do more than just correct foundation colors if it’s going to make a real impact.  Use actives and natural ingredients to treat the skin.

If you are not a makeup artist it would be a good idea to partner with one through the development of your new product offering.  They are experts at color matching and can help you fill in the gaps that exist in the market.

The texture of the product and how it is applied for optimal performance is important.  If your product comes with a special tool or applicator customized for your brand you will be ahead of the game.

Here’s to the Glam Life!