Go International- I Dare You ;)

Before you launch your cosmetic brand you need to know where you plan to sell your products. Most US based start-up companies default to selling in the US market. Funny thing is, so many of our product ideas are just as popular, if not more, outside of the US. How cool would it be to launch as an international beauty brand?

The US cosmetic market is pretty crowded, while many international cosmetic markets are emerging. There is ALWAYS opportunity in “emerging”.

So how do you jump into the international market?

First, you’ll need to do some research on the numbers. Google and trade publications will help you match your product to its best chance at international success. Once you know which countries you want to market and export to, you’ll need to find out how they regulate cosmetics. You MUST adhere to all the cosmetic regulations AND the import laws of the countries in question. Don’t mess this up! You’ll surely wish you hadn’t.

Finally, make sure you’ve put in some time discovering HOW your customer likes to be marketed to. You probably won’t be able to use the same marketing material you use for the US in other countries. Take a note from L’Oreal on how and what they market around the world. Also, study the differences in fashion magazines for example Vogue US vs Vogue Italia. Following good examples will help you get started in international business.

Go International- I double dog dare you! lol! If you need help, there’s coaching for that 😉

Here’s to the Glam Life!