Create Loyalty With Your Beauty Business Model

Last week the headline article in The Glam Scientist Report discussed 3 unique beauty brands that were changing the way we see beauty business. Two of those brands differentiated themselves directly through their products. But there was one brand that stood out as the true brand to watch because it went beyond the product and into the service.

Society Salon is a hair salon much like many others in their area with a chic décor and floorplan. But they set themselves apart with a business model that works far better in favor of their customers. Imagine paying an affordable monthly flat rate to get your hair done ANYTIME your want as many times as you want. That sounds like heaven to me! I could just see myself going in once a week for a shampoo and going midweek for a style change. How fabulous! I wouldn’t think twice about adding that luxury to my budget.

When it comes to the beauty business, branding experts will tell you to find your unique value proposition in the products. Maybe you decide your brand will be free of parabens. Maybe you build your brand on a specific ingredient like shea butter or argan oil. Whatever you decide I’m sure there will be an audience that desires it. But how can you improve your value and differentiation even more? You build it into the business model. What if you could develop a business that worked so well for your customers that they couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for their beauty needs? How can you make buying with you easier and more enjoyable?

Beauty is an experience that speaks to the whole of a woman. You build loyalty in your beauty brand when your products are amazing and the experience you provide is ah-mazing. I challenge you to take a look at various business models that lay just outside the box. Look to different industries to see how they create a user experience that is unmatched and determine how you can remix that for your beauty brand. That’s where the greatness lies.

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Here’s to the Glam Life!