Beauty Consumers Aren’t Loyal

I’m willing to bet every beauty brand owner in the world has daydreamed about having droves of raving fans clamoring over their products. The harsh reality is beauty consumers just are not loyal.  Use yourself as an example.  Do you have just one beauty brand that you go to for all of your vanity needs?  Probably not.

I recently read an article that outlined this truth-

Latest US cosmetic market research points to lack of brand loyalty

By Simon Pitman+, 08-Jan-2015

New research suggests that cosmetic consumers in the US purchase a wide variety of brands and often show no or very little brand loyalty.

While this may seem disheartening, new beauty brands have no need to worry. What I’ve found in my experience as a formulator (and as a consumer) is consumers aren’t loyal to brands; but they are loyal to products they love.

Most women usually have several different lip products in their purse at a time. And those products likely represent at least three different brands. It’s safe to say that each of those brands has something special to offer the her and there’s a good chance she will buy from them again.

The key to battling the lack of consumer loyalty is to consistently deliver products that work for your target customer. Before you decide on the first set of products for your brand or plan your next product launch find out what your customer’s needs are. How you can deliver a product that surpasses her expectations?

Your target customer may not come to your brand for her every need, but she most certainly will keep buying the product that rocked her beauty world.

Here’s to the Glam Life!