4 Tips to Get Your Beauty Brand In Sephora

How do brands like Glam Glow, Caudalie and Anastasia Beverly Hills end up on the shelves of Sephora?

While I don’t know what happened when these brands sat down to meet with the decision makers at Sephora, I do know what it takes to be worthy of the chance. When you’re working on building your beauty brand and product portfolio keep these 4 tips in mind.

1. Your product has to deliver the results it claims. Each of the brands above have a top notch product portfolio. If you take a glance at the reviews on Sephora.com you’ll see what customers have to say about them.

2. Your product has to look the part. Everything from the bottles and jars you select to the font style and the colors you use play a role in how your brand is perceived by your customers and the stores you want to give you a shot. Make sure your brand has a style and presence that speaks from the shelf (or the screen).

3. Your brand has to be engaging. If Sephora is going to give you shelf space, they have to know that you can move product on your own and get people in the door to buy. Brands that have built a solid following/fan base bring with them a sense of confidence that this relationship is going to work. Build your fan base by delivering a great product, stellar customer service and a engaging presence on social media.

4. Your numbers have to make sense for everyone. Even if you can push the product, retailers won’t pick up your brand if your numbers don’t work out in their favor. Make sure your profit margin works in a way that allows you to make a good profit at wholesale. Your costs and price point must also leave room for Sephora to still make a good profit even if they decide to run a promo or invest in marketing for your product.

No matter where you dream of seeing your product these 4 tips will help you get there. When your foundation is strong, you’re in position to grow any way you wish.

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Here’s to the Glam Life!